This is a great overview & case study of the Woo on the Slopes campaign we launched a few weeks ago now. I helped to write it as well… :)

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To the best of my knowledge, it was investor and entrepreneur Chris Dixon who coined the term Normals to signify your everyday person. His theory (paraphrased) is that your business will never be a huge success unless your userbase includes a vast majority of Normals. Early adopters are good for initial traction and launch buzz, but until you attract Normals, you’ll never get past that first reaction.
Spencer Fry, on why any business should focus on the Average Joe Public as the most “sustainable” type of customer. (via adii)


Introducing the first Premium Themes to the Tumblr Theme Garden!

These Premium Themes display an impeccable aesthetic, attention to detail, and occasionally a specialization (galleries, long text, band sites, business sites, etc.).

They cost between $9 and $49 (most of which goes right into the pockets of the brilliant designers behind them) and are a shining addition to the 350+ beautiful free themes already available.

We’re thrilled that these designers already include the outrageously talented Matthew Buchanan, Jarred Bishop, Mike Harding, MetaLab, Sleepover SF, Peter Vidani, and WooThemes. Thank you!

Check out the launch collection on

A mash up of top of the pops songs for 2009.

The company behind this theme.

Personal (E-mail) Branding


Every time I get to sign off on an e-mail using ‘Adii’, I value that as an exercise of personal branding. The more prominent I can make my own brand and the wider the audience that gets exposed to the brand / word ‘Adii’, the more valuable my personal brand becomes.

Not trying to be narcissistic, but to an extent my personal brand is the most sustainable business plan I have at this stage.